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Levels Of Aged Care

The Two Levels Of Aged Care


It is true that as continuing staying in your home, you will get older, and you may not be able to do certain things such as preparing meals, cleaning, shopping and many more. It may not be possible to have someone around you to do all this. This is why you must move to a home for the elderly where such services are provided. Depending on your needs, there are two distinct packages you can choose from; low-level needs and high level needs care.

Anyone who entered an aged care facility before 1 July 2014 had to be used and classified as either requiring the high level or low-level care. However, after 1 July, these categories were removed thus allowing homes to have more flexibility to meet the changing needs. This does not in any way suggest that those who entered the facility after 1st of July were to receive less care.

In some aged care residential home, high and low care is provided to enable the residents remain in the homes especially when there is change in their care needs. Homes that provide a safe and a secure environment while maintaining a comfortable home-like atmosphere are preferred just like Jindalee Aged Care Services Canberra.

Despite the fact that high level or low level care no longer apply for residents of aged care homes, they still apply for approvals for respite care.

Low-level level care homes provide accommodation and personal care that include dressing help, showering help and nursing care. High level care homes on the other hand offer care for aged people who have greater frailty and who require continues nursing care. The level of care in any residential facility may thus be categorized into high and low level care. However, there are basic services that must be provided without additional charges regardless of the level. Some of them are:
• Basic accommodation related services
• Maintenance of the building and the infrastructure
• Emergency assistance support
• Laundry and cleaning services
• The required meals and special diets
• Assistance in personal care such as bathing, dressing and eating
• Support for individuals with dementia
• Provision of basic toiletry like towels, soap, washers
• Social activities

In conclusion, the elderly must be helped to choose a package that can help them enjoy the stay at the facility. The package must give him access to social support as well as benefit from aids and equipment that can help in mobility, communication and personal safety

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