Five Common Home Theater Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A home theater is not only something that allows you to experience cinematic-quality entertainment in your home but a smart investment that goes a long way to enhance your property’s value. It’s important that you plan for your home theater installation and avoid mistakes that could cost you down the road.  It can only be considered a smart investment and an upgrade for your home if done right. Just remember this is something that will require serious investment of both money and time. Tips were referenced by Brad Robison of Redmond Home Theater Installation Company

Perhaps you’re planning to buy a home theater but you’re wondering how the installation will be done. Your focus should be on getting the most of your investment in the home theater as well as the best performance out of it. If that’s your goal, here are mistakes you need to avoid.

Buying Speakers in a Rush

One of the things that’s likely to frustrate and spoil your enjoyment is a failure to research the product you want to buy before purchasing it. Both video and sound are important when it comes to your home theater experience. Why not visit several stores, do your research, and test the speakers you’re familiar with? Don’t be in a hurry to make a purchase.

Improper Placement of your Home Theater Speakers

Assuming you’ve already shopped for the right speakers and now it’s time for installation, one thing you must avoid is placing your speakers in the wrong place. While your surround speaker needs to be positioned close to your television screen, ensure that it’s not too close to the floor. When it comes to the bass and low-frequency speakers, you should avoid installing them too close to the walls or corners of your room. To ensure quality sound, make sure your speakers are positioned in open spaces, not within cabinets.

Picking the Wrong Room

Many people ignore the fact that their choice of a room affects their home theater experience in one way or the other. If you’re looking to have the best possible experience, consider installing your home theater in a room that will not only allow for easy wiring but provide the best picture and sound quality. A room with a comfortable seating arrangement and minimal natural light would be the best option. It should also be large enough so you can maintain the appropriate viewing distance.

Failure to use the User Manual

There are those who always believe they can handle everything. Of course, it’s still fine to set up your home theater system yourself. However, it’s important that you use the user manual, no matter how informed and experienced you think you are with such installations. You don’t want to make any wrong move during installation.

Cutting Corners on Cables and Wiring

You must have a budget for your wiring accessories. Make sure there’s enough money for the cables and surge protectors. You don’t want to frustrate and spoil your experience by cutting corners on wiring accessories. The cables that come with the equipment might not really do the complete job which is why you should consider getting heavy-duty cables. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on wiring accessories. All you need is to find the right accessories that will enhance your experience while protecting your investment. In addition, avoid messing up the cables and locking them up with one another during installation.